What are your fees?

  • Clinic fee is $160 (age 15- 74), Payment can be made by debit or credit card

  • Clinic fee is $210 for age 75+

  • Clinic fee for children age 14 and younger is $155 

  • Xray fee is $70 (required age 11 and older) 

  • Lab fee is $68 (required age 15 and older)* 


 *Additional lab tests may be needed based on your history and may be an additional cost

Do I need a separate appointment for Lifelabs? 

  • Please try to book an appointment at Lifelabs in advance, at least 90 mins after your clinic appointment time.

  • If you are not able to make an appointment, same day lab appointments are also available

  • The 3 closest locations are: 888 West 8th  (in our building, only open until 1230), 943 West Broadway and 750 West Broadway. 

What do I need to bring to the appointment?

  • Due to Covid-19, you will be provided a medical mask to wear while you are in the clinic. 

  • Official identification (passport or refugee document). If your passport is not available, the only other document that is acceptable is a Canadian ID card or driver’s license. ***For those claiming refugee status without the official refugee document, please bring copy of passport certified by IRCC.

  • An English-speaking companion to assist with the medical examination.

  • All the documents you have received from Immigration Canada such as work permit, study permit, IMM1017 that some applicants will have

  • List of your current medications and doses (strength of your medication and the number of pills you take each day)

  • Medical reports important to your medical history

  • Eyeglasses or contact lenses, as you will have an eye exam

  • Wear a short-sleeved shirt to facilitate your exam

What takes place in the exam?

  • You will be asked questions about your health.

  • A physical examination:  A breast exam is only done based on your history. You can have a chaperone in the room. Internal examinations (pelvic exams) are not required.

  • A urine test is required for anyone over the age of 5 years. Please drink water before arriving for your visit.

  • A chest x-ray is required for anyone 11 years and older.

  • Blood tests (HIV, Syphilis and Creatinine) are required for everyone 15 years and older.

  • The entire exam takes approximately 2 hours. After you see the doctor, you will need to go  lifelabs and XRay to complete your exam. 

  • If needed, you may be required to complete further testing. Additional fees may apply. 

Where can I find more information about the process?